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What is One Harmonic Whole?

In short, the Harmonic Whole is spiritual technology and training for body and soul. 

Our tools are energetic, psychic, vibrational and focused on the future of wellness, today.
You'll find innovative tools and powerful resources that help you achieve self-healing and empower you to take charge of your wellness:  
Plus, our personal sessions and advanced trainings will guide you to create and live the life and lifestyle of your dreams.
Take a look around, tune in, sign up and come back often. 

~ Jill & Kim

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Trainings & Classes

Personal Sessions

Offering Online Events, Workshops & Courses

Access hours of amazing, inspiring events, wonderful workshops, and  in-depth courses. Offering you both live and recorded material  from Psychic Kim and Jill. including hours of insightful podcasts, weekly meditations, and more 

Awesome Community

Join our community and connect with others like-minded people to.learn, share with grow even more in your wellness, health, happiness and self  empowerment skills.

Learn At Your Own Pace

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons, revisit a meditation, listen to private podcasts and more.

About US


Kim is a Medical Intuitive RN that specializes in finding what is wrong or Off Balance in the body- energetically, that may be impacting your physical, mental or emotional health.  

Kim uses a combination of modalities to help you find the root cause of the imbalance and ways to then heal yourself. Leaving you feeling heard, a sense of purposed again and renewed! 


Jill is committed to helping you create your greatest health, wellness, and happiness. It's her passion to BE a divine expression of vibrant health and happiness and her great pleasure to help YOU do the same!

A life-long lover of Spirituality, she considers herself a metaphysical and  spiritual adventurer who  loves creating the life of her dreams.

Plus, her decades of exploring and testing tools to manage her health' "diagnosis" has gifted her with loads of insight and experiences to help, guide and inspire others..

Welcome to our One Harmonic Whole community.
May it bless you beyond your wildest dreams in countless ways.